Quilt Barn Trail

The Barn Quilt Trail is a collaborative effort with the Black Swamp Arts Council, Sauder Village, local community individuals and property owners as a national grassroots rural public arts movement. The project relates rural heritage and an appreciation for quilting, and is a way to honor quilters past & present who live in the area. The Barn Quilt Trail movement began in Ohio in 2001 and has spread across the country.

We’re excited to announce that Trail #2 of our Quilt Barn Trail is officially open! This includes seven new entries. Along with Trail #1, which was created in 2016 as part of the Archbold Sesquicentennial Celebration, it brings the number of stops on the self-guided art experience to 17. The plan is to create at least five new quilt barns every five years. Check out photos of the new entries, and print your own map and brochures. Make plans to take a relaxing, scenic drive in the country and enjoy these beautiful works of art!

Thank you to everyone who made this new permanent rural arts exhibit possible. Quilt Barn trails are a self-directed art experience highlighting the rich agriculture heritage of NW Ohio as well as a love for quilting. A brochure can be printed HERE, and a trail map can be printed HERE.  They’re also available at Sauder Village, the Archbold Community Library, and the Fulton County Visitors Bureau.

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